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Cornerstone Partnerships

A cornerstone partnership is an organisiation that we support as a strategic partner on an ongoing basis.  They provide broad benefits to the communities in which we operate.




Giants Boxing Academy

One of our long-standing partnerships is with Giants Boxing Academy.  The Hastings-based academy was established under the umbrella of The Hawkes Bay Youth Trust in 2015 by Craig McDougall.  It aims to instil discipline and provide a structure of Olympic style boxing to teach young men and women how to be fit, well-mannered and active members of our community.


We were a founding partner of Mates4Life and are staunch supporters of its work.  Now a charitable trust in its own right, Mates4Life offers a free suicide prevention programme to businesses across Hawke’s Bay.  The aim is to provide a long-term, sustainable, no barriers suicide awareness and prevention  training approach that is specific to workplaces and communities.

Building Futures

We are proud to partner with Building Futures by offering workplace training for young people who want a career in the building and timber supply industries.

Building Futures provides an eight-week  training programme for 18 to 24-year-olds that gives them practical, hands-on learning opportunities.



Tumu Group are considered whanau. 
We feel deeply connected to them as they have been with us since our inception in 2012 through the Flaxmere Boxing Academy and the U-Turn Trust.

They moved with us as sponsors when we decided to grow our services and become Hawke’s Bay-wide. They have provided much needed grounding, confidence, and support as we established the Hawke’s Bay Youth Trust in 2015 which now runs three successful and inspiring boxing academies – Havelock North Saints – Napier Dodgers – Hastings Giants.

Through this wonderfully enduring relationship we have been able to accomplish the positive turning of lives, employment, enduring advice, additional support services, endorsed scholarships for young people, high quality products, further community engagement and connection. We think of the TUMU Group as the foundation of Hawke’s Bay goodness. They are in a special group of humans that are always striving to be better in themselves but mostly for others. Their servant hearts and generosity continue to inspire our team as well as so many others.

We feel so very privileged to have TUMU Group at the heart of our programme, and people, and we are looking forward to the bright future they continue to grow in Hawke’s Bay.

Yours in faith and excellence,

TEAM Giants