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There is an amazing array of career opportunities and pathways across TUMU Group.  




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It was an ad in the local newspaper that first introduced Maria Beal to TUMU Group.

The young high school student was looking for a role in her hometown of Dannevirke when a position for an office junior took her eye. She applied, was successful, and the rest as they say is history.

Today Maria is our Operations Manager, working out of our head office in Havelock North. As the business has evolved so has she, learning many new skills and working in a variety of roles along the way. In the early days, she helped the company transition from manual tasks to using computer technology, introducing standard operating procedures as part of the growth journey, and she has learned most of the financial side of the operations. In fact, there are not many facets of the business she hasn’t been involved with in some shape or form and she has been rewarded for her loyalty by being made a management shareholder.

Maria says it’s the people and the fact that the Group is always evolving that makes it so special. “It’s a great company with great people and you are looked after like you are part of the family,” she says.

Employee Maria Beal, Operations Manager.
Maria Beal, Operations Manager

“I like the people I work with and the wide range of business and industries we work in and with each day.”