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Private Capital

We’ve been growing successful businesses for close to 50 years and we’re constantly looking for new investment opportunities.



We back talented people and good ideas – with capital, expertise, and a whole lot more.

Whether you are a business owner looking at succession, or seeking capital to unlock growth opportunities, talk to us."

What We Look For

  • New Zealand businesses with ambition and potential for further growth   
  • Business enterprise values of up to $100 million
  • Capable and invested management teams 
  • Minority, majority or full ownership stakes
  • A defensive market position
  • Opportunities which can provide synergies with other portfolio businesses

Who We Are

We own and operate businesses too – we understand and have dealt with your challenges and know how to harness existing potential, unlock value, and grow the businesses we partner with.   

We bring an active and operational approach to all investments, drawing on expertise gained from nearly 50 years of successful management and business investment. We manage both growth and risk in a responsible and sustainable way.

We offer a menu of inhouse business services to leverage, reduce cost, and free up valuable resource and time to get on with what you do best.

You know who you’re in business with. We invest our own capital meaning greater flexibility and no layers of complex investor structures, ulterior motives or conflicts of interest. 

We embrace agile decision making and efficient transaction execution. We’re not constrained by institutional style ruling bodies or cumbersome processes. We invest for the long term. 

We are committed to sustainable practices and seek to produce positive environmental and social outcomes. We will not invest in businesses with poor sustainability practices or those contributing to social harm. 

We support the communities that support us.  

We believe trust is earned, not given.

Alignment and shared values are fundamental to sucess. Our approach is based on partnership and collaboration".