TUMU Group relief fund gaining momentum

A relief fund set up by TUMU Group to support the horticultural and agricultural sectors in Hawke’s Bay and Tairawhiti is gaining momentum with emergency support being sent into some of the region’s most isolated areas today.

Drums of fuel and animal food were helicoptered into Rissington and Patoka’s Hawkston Road area this afternoon and tomorrow a fixed wing airplane will deliver another load to Patoka and Tutira.

The dire needs that have come to light over the weekend has prompted a further call for businesses to get in behind the fund by offering support. Each flight costs about $3000 and can carry one to two tonnes of fuel and supplies.

TUMU Group holding company director Brendan O’Sullivan said while the relief fund was initially set up with a view to offering support in the short to medium term, it was quickly recognised that there was an immediate need to get support to those most isolated areas now.

“Some of these dairy and dry stock farms were without food to feed their animals and fuel to ensure their pumps were working to give them water. We’ve tilted to respond to where we understand the need is the greatest in an effort to complement the support from the government agencies,” he said.

“We’ve been really encouraged by the response so far and we know there will be plenty of other businesses and individuals who want to contribute to this incredibly worthy cause. We have also been blown away by the lengths people are going to support our community. The founders of Farrahs, Jovan and Farrah Covak, drove to Hawke’s Bay from Wellington overnight to donate 1800 litres of diesel, 200 litres of petrol, 1400 sausages, wraps and bottles of LPG.”

The sausages were used to provide hot food to the Maraenui, Bayview, Whakatu and Meanee at communities at free barbeques today.

Tomorrow’s mission was to send light weight non-perishable food for the families along with the fuel and animal food supplies.

Mr O’Sullivan said the group was working in partnership with a number of agencies and businesses including the Hawke’s Bay Environment Centre, Huha (an animal welfare charitable trust established by a group of passionate animal lovers), Heliag, Rural Airwork, Ferns/Farmlands, Booths Transport, Anzco, SilverFern Farms and Everfresh Transport.

Anyone wanting to donate to the relief fund through the group’s charitable trust, The Evergreen Foundation, can do so here: https://bit.ly/evergreenrelieffund

Regular updates will be provided on the group’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Media inquiries can be directed to:

Lisa Nairne, TUMU Group Marketing and Communications Manager at lisa.nairne@tumu.co.nz or phone 027 839 8410.